2024: Big Updates to Partner Visa Procedures 5.2.0008 + 5.2.0009

2024 started off on a positive note when it comes to the partner visa bureaucracy.

PIBA procedures 5.2.0008 “The procedure for granting status to a foreign spouse married to an Israeli citizen” and 5.2.0009 “The procedure for granting status to partners of Israelis, including partners of the same sex” were substantially updated on January 10, 2024.

Many of these updates are significant and indicate the start of a hopefully enduring positive direction for PIBA under its new manager, Eyal Sisso. AIC extends congratulations to PIBA’s headquarters for these changes and will continue advocating for progressive and fair immigration policies for partners of Israelis.

Read our summary of the most significant updates below.

1. Marriage Registration in Country of Origin No Longer A Threshold Condition

Married couples will no longer have to demonstrate that their marriage has been registered in the home country of the non-Israeli partner as a condition for obtaining a spouse visa.

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