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AIC is a new, registered nonprofit organization in Israel, founded in 2022 by international couples – for international couples. Since its beginning, AIC is working on a 100% volunteer basis. Our volunteers are investing hundreds of hours in our knowledge base that offers exclusive professional information, that others charge money for, completely for free.

Unfortunately, AIC doesn’t get enough donations to allow its steady growth. Therefore, as part of our effort to increase our reach, and gain influence and power that will allow us to drive change in favor of international couples in Israel, we are restricting some of the website content to registered members only. This allows us to grow in different ways – for example by growing our newsletter mailing list (optional), and getting statistics about our users and their needs. It also serves as a small barrier against people who may want to profit off of our content.

If you have any comment or wish to make suggestions, please feel free to contact us!