Israeli Citizenship for Partners of Israelis: Eligibility and Application

Getting Israeli citizenship is the FINAL stage of the gradual partner visa process. If you’re here, it means that you and your partner have already been living in Israel for years, with a partner visa, and you’ve reached the final stretch! If you’re not there yet… check out our step-by-step guide to your first partner visa and come back to this article in a few years 🙂

All international couples (both married and unmarried) who are undergoing the gradual process, can reach eligibility for Israeli citizenship. This article explains who is eligible and when, and the steps you’ll need to take to apply for and receive your Israeli citizenship.

The eligibility rules and application procedures differ between heterosexual married couples and homosexual married couples as well as unmarried couples. Despite the differences, all partners of Israelis can eventually get Israeli citizenship.

If you do not want to naturalize and become an Israeli citizen, you can apply for permanent residency instead.

This article is based on procedures 5.2.0008 + 4.4.0001 for heterosexual married couples, and on procedures 5.2.0009 + 4.4.0001 for homosexual married couples and non-married couples. We encourage you to read the relevant procedures fully for better understanding.

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