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The Israeli Association for International Couples is a non-profit organization created by international couples for international couples. The main goal of the organization is to make life easier for couples consisting of an Israeli national and a non-Israeli citizen. This is how we’re doing that:

Provide personal support to international couples in their immigration process and their shared life in Israel

Support the Population and Immigration Authority and other governmental entities in their treatment of international couples, be a bridge for communication and transparency between the community and the authorities

Create and maintain a reliable, multilingual knowledge base for international couples in Israel

Educate service providers in all sectors about the international couples community to allow better services and solutions for Israelis and foreigners in the process

Protect the rights and interests of internationals couples in front of the Israeli parliament and government, and actively promote regulation that will ensure those rights

Maintain and grow a supportive and safe community space where international couples can connect and share their experiences

Fight inequality and injustice in the immigration process of foreign partners of Israelis to Israel

Create and encourage multilingual and inclusive social and cultural events in Israel

How It All Began…

Since the “gradual process” for partner visas was first launched at the late 90’s, the community of international couples in Israel was left almost entirely at the mercy of the authorities and dependent on pricey legal services. The rising accessibility of internet and especially social media has allowed us to take the power back to our own hands. Together, we could learn, share and help each other through the bureaucracy and struggles.

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, international couples in Israel were abandoned by the state. Separated and hurting, this is when we knew we knew – No one would speak up for us, other than ourselves. This is how The Israeli Association for International Couples was born.

Our Team

Shani Bar Tuvia

Board member

Noam Benatar

Board member

Adv. Lior Beres

Chairwoman of the Board

Gerard Blanco

Board member

Dr. April Chan

Board member

Yishai Eliason

Board member

Tamar Ohana Warkentin

Board member

Inbar Axelrod

Audit commitee

Shimon Keselman

Audit commitee

Word from the founder

Hi everyone! 🙂 My name is Lior. I’m the Israeli side of an international relationship and a “graduate” of the gradual process, that my partner and I started on 2014.

I’ve started volunteering for our community on April 2021, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Following the incredible demand for general information and advocacy for international couples, I’ve established the Israeli Association for International Couples. A non-profit organization by couples, for couples. A place that will help couples realize their right to a shared life in Israel. ❥

Our Latest Activity

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Israel at War – Official Information About Visas [PIBA’s official answers]

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Official: Utah “Zoom Marriages” Fully Recognized for Spouse Visa Procedures

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