Health Insurance in Israel for B1 Visa Holders

Living in Israel with a B1 partner visa comes with unique challenges, and one crucial aspect is obtaining suitable health insurance. B1 partner visa holders (like any B visa holder) are not considered Israeli residents by the Israeli National Insurance Institution (Bituach Leumi), and therefore are ineligible for public health insurance (eligibility for which begins when transitioning to an A5 visa).

For that reason, the only option for health insurance plan in Israel for B1 visa holders is private health insurance. It doesn’t matter if it’s through your employer, directly with an HMO or through an insurance company. It doesn’t matter if you have a magnetic card or not, or if you paid a full a reduced fee. A health insurance for a B1 visa holder will always be private insurance.

In this article, you will find elaborate information about the available options of health insurance for partners of Israelis – including a partner health insurance!

Wondering why you’re seeing a “Bituach Leumi” deduction in your payslip as a B1 holder, even though you are ineligible for national insurance? Check the article!

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