The Partner Visa Interview: Everything You Need To Know

As you probably know, a shared interview is one of the main (and some would say, scary) steps on the way to a partner visa in Israel.

Such an interview is a tool in the hands of PIBA to “test” the integrity and honesty of the relationship. By asking various personal questions, comparing the couple’s answers, and looking into contradictions that might indicate dishonesty, PIBA clerks can get a direct impression of the couple and their intentions.

A partner visa interview is usually done while the couple is already together in Israel. Still, sometimes it will be done as a “simultaneous interview” – with the Israeli partner in Israel and the foreign partner at the Israeli embassy in their country of origin.

It is important to note, that according to procedure 5.2.0008, married couples DO NOT need to go through an interview in order to be eligible for their first partner visa, which is the B1 visa. For married couples, the first shared interview should be done only before granting the A5 visa. Check our step-by-step guide on getting a partner visa for more information.

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