Giving Birth as an A5 Visa Holder: The Bureaucracy and Your Rights [UPDATED]

Your baby is on the way? Congratulations!

This is a good time to learn about your rights as an A5 visa-holder mother in Israel! In this step-by-step guide, we will explain all the bureaucratic things you need to be aware of before and after giving birth.

Note: If the parents have been a “publicly known couple,” meaning in the gradual visa process, for less than 300 days before the birth, or have been married for less than 300 days before the birth, a paternity test might be required to determine that the child is eligible for Israeli citizenship, in accordance with procedure 5.2.0004 – Procedure for granting status in Israel to minors born in Israel through recognition of paternity (full article coming soon!).

This article was co-written by Adv. Lior Beres of AIC, and guest writer Mette Silver Mikkelsen. Thank you Mette for your big contribution of information on this topic!

Steps Breakdown

  1. Get BL/303 Form
  2. Registration at the Hospital
  3. Security Deposit
  4. National Insurance Institute
  5. Updating Your Workplace
  6. Passport Pictures
  7. Ministry of Interior
  8. Registration for Health Insurance 
  9. Foreign Citizenship

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