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Personal Assistance to International Couples

One of the declared goals of The Israeli Association for International Couples is to provide personal support to international couples in their immigration process and their shared life in Israel.

Chat Consultation

Unsure about some document? Need reliable information about the partner visa regulation and procedures? Our team provides assistance and consultation in English and Hebrew via Facebook Messenger. We usually respond within 48 hours, not including weekends.

* Supporters of the organization get priority in response times

Email Consultation

When chat is not enough… We’ll be happy to answer your doubts and questions via email, in English and Hebrew! Click the link below or just use this address: Make sure to include all the relevant information (visa status, attending branch, country of origin etc).

* Supporters of the organization get priority in response times

Phone Consultation

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Additional Services


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1-on-1 Guidance

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Who is eligible to get your services?

Primarily, we will provide assistance to all international couples, in all aspects of their shared life in Israel as an international couple. “International couples” mean couples consisting of an Israeli side (Israeli citizen or permanent resident) and a foreign side who isn’t eligible for an Israeli citizenship otherwise. Depending on our resources, we might widen our support circles in the future.

Does it cost money?

No. As a nonprofit organization we offer free consultations via chat and access to our entire knowledge base for free. We also run, maintain and monitor a community Facebook group where international couples can get support and help from other international couples.

A few extra services will be available for a small fee, at a fraction of the market price of the service. This fee will help us cover some of the costs and direct our limited resources more efficiently.

I need legal representation, can you help with that?

Not at the moment.

Unfortunately we do not have the resources to offer full legal representation at the moment. This means that we also can’t advise you in legal proceedings / existing appeals.

Who is giving the consultations?

Currently, all consultations are given by Adv. Lior Beres, A licensed advocate in Israel and the Israeli side of an international relationship herself. 🙂

What else do you do?

Offering personal assistance to couples who need help is just one single aspect of our work!

Our main goal is to make the life of international couples easier, to protect their rights and to ensure they get just treatment. In order to do so we work on the parliamentary level to promote policy updates, voice the interest of the community to the government, reach out to private sectors companies in order to help them improve their services and much more. You can read more here.

Do you help refugees, work immigrants and other foreigners get a status in Israel?

Only if they are a part of an international relationship with an Israeli.

We only help couples in the immigration process to Israel and in their shared life in Israel. We cannot provide assistance to people who aren’t in an international relationship/family as this is not one of the declared, registered goals of the organization.

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Your donations enable our activity and growth. With your support we can help couples, fight for our community’s rights at the Israeli parliament, work towards reforms and equality for couples, create collaborations, and social events. Without you, we can’t do it. Every donation counts!

In the photo: Veronica and Ori – international couple in Israel. Want your photo featured around the website? Contact us!