Certification Needed for Philippine nationals Travelling to The Philippines

What is an OEC and when is it needed?

When leaving to the Philippines, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) are asked to present an OEC – Overseas employment certificate.

According to Advisory no. 155, issued by the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in Tel Aviv, unrestricted B1 visa holders do not need to present an OEC. However, some Immigration officers at the airport insist on this requirement. As a workaround, the Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv can issue a notarized certificate stating that unrestricted B1 and A5 visas are partnership visas, hence exempted from providing an OEC. 

Despite the fact that technically Filipinos who are partners of Israelis who hold a partner visa do NOT need an OEC, it is recommended that Filipinos get a notarized certificate about their status from the PH embassy before they travel to the Philippines, as a precautionary step.

How to obtain certification from the Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv?

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