How To Get An Israeli Driver’s License (Step-by-Step Guide)

Looking to obtain an Israeli driver’s license without prior driving knowledge? Looking for accurate information on how to get an Israeli driver’s license as a visa holder without Israeli ID number?

We’ve got you covered!

Getting an Israeli driving license thankfully isn’t too complicated. This article will explain in 7 easy steps how to get an Israeli driving license from scratch, including for B1 visa holders, A5 visa holders and other visa holders.

If you already have a foreign driver’s license that you want to convert to an Israeli one, check this article.

Steps Breakdown

  1. (Non-Residents only) Get MoT ID number
  2. Complete an online application and health form
  3. Get a license photo and eyesight test
  4. Take the theory test
  5. Take driving lessons
  6. Take driving test
  7. Get your license

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