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The Israeli Association for International Couples is a non-profit organization that supports your right to love and family in Israel. This is the home of the Israeli community of international couples. Welcome home <3

The Gradual Process

Learn everything there is to know about the acquisition of a partner visa in Israel.

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Israeli Bureaucracy

All the information you need about Israeli authorities and procedures that aren’t directly visa-related. Taxes, National Insurance, licensing, social rights etc.

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Life in Israel

Moving to a new country can be challenging. Learn about banking, insurance, housing, Hebrew learning, and even the supermarket in Israel!

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Get together with other international couples in Israel. Learn about social and cultural activities that are English-friendly.

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News & Updates

Keep up with updates about the activity of our organization, our achievements and our upcoming plans.

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Help and Services

Feeling lost? We know… We’ve been through it too! Our team is here to help you with your shared life in Israel!

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Latest News & Updates

New Mandatory eTA System for Tourists to Be Introduced This Year

New Mandatory eTA System for Tourists to Be Introduced This Year

This February, PIBA announced the upcoming implementation of the “Rotem” system – an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) system, that will be used to process entry requests of tourists from visa-exempt […]
A Night of Celebrating Love… [Gallery]

A Night of Celebrating Love… [Gallery]

After months of eager enquiries about when our next event would be, we couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to celebrate February – the Month of Love! On the evening […]
Municipal Elections in Israel 2024 – Can I vote?

Municipal Elections in Israel 2024 – Can I vote?

The 2024 Israeli municipal elections are just around the corner, and will take place on February 27th, 2024. Before dismissing the idea of elections, thinking that you or your partner […]

Be a part of something bigger. Support the cause!

The Israeli Association for International Couples is the first and only non-profit organization dedicated to help international couple fulfill their shared life in Israel. Our main goal is to promote the community’s interest and ensure the rights of international couples.

We work for the community’s favor as a whole. We fight for your human and civil rights, even when you don’t know it. This is why we need all of the community behind us. Even if you don’t have any personal struggles – this is the moment to take a stand for what you believe in.

In the photo: Nalyn and Sasha – international couple in Israel. Want your photo featured around the website? Contact us!


Thank you for all your incredible work!! Persistent, caring, thoughtful, professional and very clever. Well done for all the effort and the change you make.

G. L.

Thank you for helping foreign partners and working so hard. Thank you for all you do and for answering so quickly. Thanks for your help in getting my permit to come back from a red country. You make things change ????

C. M.

Thank you so much for everything you did for all of us the mixed couples. When everything seems unclear in this difficult time, you help us with everything you can do. Thank you for fighting for us.

A. C.

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