How to Book an Appointment to PIBA Visa Department

One of the most common questions international couples in the partner visa process ask is “How do I book an appointment with the visa department at Misrad Hapnim (PIBA)?” And the answer is not always straightforward.

This article will list all the ways to schedule an appointment with Misrad Hapnim, for visa-related issues that are handled at the visa department.

This article only covers appointments at the Misrad Hapnim visa department. Appointment bookings for the registry department (mainly for services for Israeli citizens) are made via the MyVisit app.

Important note! Partner visa renewal meetings must be requested AT LEAST 3 months in advance via the online application form (a stated requirement in the procedures). Due to the current meeting backlog, we recommend applying at least 4 months in advance, if you don’t have a scheduled meeting.

Ways to Schedule an Appointment at the Visa Department

1. Appointment Form – טופס זימון תור למחלקת אשרות

Who is it for?

The Visa Department Appointment Form is used to schedule a visa department appointment for general services or to get information about a pending application at the visa department. For example:

  1. Citizenship applications (after completing the gradual process)
  2. Tourist visa applications (invitations of tourists, extensions, etc).
  3. Humanitarian applications
  4. Aliyah applications
  5. Student/Clergy/Expert visa applications
  6. General inquiries and checking the status of pending applications (after an online application, after an interview, etc).

This form is NOT used to apply for a partner visa for the first time.
If you want to start the partner visa process, check out our step-by-step guide on how to apply for your first visa.

Pay attention! Partner visa renewal applications have been moved from this form and are now being done through the main partner visa application form. In step 2 of the form, choose “extension of existing application” / “הארכת בקשה קיימת”.

When and how will I get an appointment?

  • The appointment application form will be answered within 30 business days via email or phone (phone calls are received from blocked numbers, so make sure to answer those).
  • If you did not get a response after 14 business days, you can call *3450 and they will send a reminder to the office to respond within 30 business days from when you applied.
  • If you did not get a response after 30 business days:
    • In Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa offices: Go to the visa information desk and an appointment will be set on the spot.
    • The rest of the offices: Go to the office and leave your personal details. An appointment will be scheduled within 2 business days.

If you need help filling and submitting the form, please contact us, or contact the PIBA call center at *3450.

2. Direct Email to the Relevant Office

Another way to schedule an appointment with the Misrad Hapnim visa department or get information about your application would be via email.

You can find the email address of your branch on our list of PIBA emails and contact details.

In the email, include:

  1. Your full name (if you’re inquiring about a partner visa, so both of your names).
  2. Identification number(s) (passport or Israeli ID).
  3. Application number/file number (if you have it).
  4. Your inquiry – keep it short and simple.
  5. Contact details (it is recommended to include both phone number and email)

Note – Email communication will usually be possible only after you have an open file at the specific PIBA branch.

When and how will I get an appointment?

It depends on the branch and its availability. Unfortunately, not all branches respond to appointment applications or inquiries that are sent via email.

3. Walk-In Service and Scheduling In Person

We suggest resorting to walk-in service only if you were not able to schedule an appointment in another way (form or email). Walk-in services are limited and require long waiting times.

Some PIBA branches accept walk-in appointments for simple services such as inter-visa applications, tourist visa applications, and general inquiries, as well as for appointment scheduling.

As a walk-in, you will not be able to get services that require pre-scheduled appointments such as interviews, visa renewals, ID renewals, etc. In this case, you should use your walk-in appointment to schedule a “full” appointment.

When arriving at the branch, you will need to get a “V Number”, which is your queue number to get serviced at the visa department (for example “V117”).

Most Misrad Hapnim branches limit the availability of walk-in appointments either by the hour (30 minutes or 1 hour from opening) or by the number of people. For this reason, it is advisable to arrive at the opening hour or before opening. Take into account that waiting inside the office can sometimes take up to 3 hours.

For the branches that don’t accept walk-ins at all, or in case you missed the walk-in availability, some branches offer to “leave a message”, usually with the guards at the entrance. After receiving your message, a clerk should get in touch with you about your inquiry.

The partner visa process is not necessarily a smooth path. Here at the Israeli Association for International Couples, we work hard to make the process simpler, clearer, and easier for all couples. Donate to us to help us fight for your rights.

If you and your partner are considering starting your shared life in Israel, our knowledge base provides everything you need to know about how to obtain a partner visa, and the gradual process.

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  1. In Jerusalem, you must bring your documents first (around 3-4 months before your visa extension meeting), and they only schedule your meeting for an extension (interview) during this meeting, after checking the documents. So make sure to calculate times correctly – and with the new management out there (doing my best not to swear here, because they had such a wonderful manager and staff before), it seems like you never calculate correctly: once we came 4 months ahead and they said it’s too early, the next year we brought our documents 3 months ahead, and they said it’s too late. So just be aware and alert.

    • Thank you for sharing your valuable experience! It’s true some offices do “as they wish” and don’t stick to the official rules and procedures.

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