Another Round of Automatic Visa Extensions – August 2022

This afternoon, August 9th 2022, PIBA released a notification via SMS to some visa holders, saying that their visa has been extended, and specifying the new expiry date. This is the second time in 5 months that PIBA is automatically extending visas, supposedly in order to get on top of the backlog created because of the passport’s crisis.

Read more information about the previous round of extensions

We have submitted an official inquiry about this extension as PIBA did not provide any details in their officials outlets. Stay tuned for updates on this matter. *Post will be updated*.

Update September 21st 2022:

According to an update posted today on their website, some visas, including B1 General visas (partner visa) and A5 visas, were extended by 3 months. Unfortunately the update continues with wrong information that says in unclear language that the visas are now valid until November 30th.

This is clearly wrong. As we know, visas were extended by 3 full months, respectively of their original expiry date. Meaning, a visa expiring on October 1st that has been extended, expires after the extension on January 1st (this is what the SMS you got should say).

What I think they tried to say is that only visas whose original expiry date was on or before November 30th of this year, were extended by 3 months.

If you did not get a text message – we advise to contact PIBA by phone (call center *3450) / email / physically at the branch, and confirm it with them.

Additional visas that were extended: A1, A2 (other than agriculture interns), A3, A4 and some very specific type of tourist visas related with West Bank stays.

Visas that were not extended: restricted working visas (caregiving, expert etc.).

See the official update on PIBA’s website – proceed with caution, there are dramatic differences between the English and Hebrew version of the text and infographics, and as we specified above the information seems to be wrong.

The Implications are as following of the 3-months extension are as follows:

1. The visa extension does not mean your normal renewal meeting is cancelled.

As of September 21st, we’ve gotten many reports that visa renewal meetings are being held as usual in many branches, despite the 3 months extension and even if the meeting is a standard renewal meeting and not a status-upgrade meeting. We always recommend to attend the original renewal meeting and have your visa extended by a full year, when possible.

This is different from the previous 6 months extension round, during which most standard renewal meetings were cancelled or postponed.

2. Status upgrade meetings must be held as usual!

If you have a meeting to apply for a status upgrade (B1 to A5, A5 to citizenship/PR etc.), this meeting cannot be postponed because of the extension. You should go to the meeting regularly.
In case you are denied service or you get a personal call/email from your branch saying that your meeting was cancelled, please contact us ASAP.

I remind you we have an official letter from PIBA headquarters confirming that status upgrade meetings will be held as usual.

3. Intervisas are not extended

If you need to fly abroad, you will need to issue a new intervisa, once your current intervisa expires. You should be able to get an intervisa during opening hours, as a walk-in without appointment. Intervisas cost 180 NIS.

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