Understanding The Israeli Pay Slip, Taxation, and Social Rights

Understanding the Israeli pay slip might seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you’re new to the country and don’t know Hebrew that well. Israel is known for having a complex taxation system, and navigating it can be a challenge.

Don’t worry! The following article provides a detailed explanation of the Israeli pay slip, taxation, national insurance premiums, as well as some basic information on your social rights. It will help you better understand what you are entitled to as an employee in Israel, and specifically as a B1 or A5 visa holder.

Let’s dive right in!

The Pay Slip (Tlush Maskoret – תלוש משכורת)

In Hebrew, “pay slip” translates to “Tlush Maskoret” or “Tlush Sakhar”. The pay slip is also sometimes referred to simply as “tlush”. Issuing a detailed monthly pay slip is mandatory for all employers by law. By law, the salary of monthly employees must be paid no later than the 9th of the following month. The pay slip has to be issued and given to the employee in the same timeframe.

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