Read the Petition: AIC v. The Minister of Interior

On May 1st, the Minister of Interior and the Population Authority have published the “Passport Marathon” outline. From those publications we learned that PIBA’s intention was to shut down visa departments in the 4 biggest bureaus in Israel for a period of one month, starting May 14th. We immediately launched a protest campaign against this harmful and discriminative decision.

Little did we know about the minister and PIBA’s real decision, that they kept a secret for as long as they could – a complete shutdown of all visa departments in Israel for an extended period of time.

On May 14th 2023, with the start of the “Passport Marathon” outline, we were surprised by a mountain of visa appointment cancellation notices from offices all around Israel – “because” of the marathon.

As it turns out, PIBA’s headquarters decided to use the marathon as an excuse to shut down visa departments all around the country, an revert their employees to only give services to Israeli citizens. This decision was not openly published to this day.

On May 18th we submitted a petition to the High Court of Justice against the policy of the minister of interior and the population authority, in collaboration with the Jerusalem Institute of Justice (JIJ). In addition, 5 people who were hurt by the policy joined the petition as private petitioners.

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