From Molletes to Lamingtons… Around the World at AIC Picnic #2 [Gallery]

After last year’s success, on Saturday April 13th, we brought back AIC’s International Picnic for its second edition! Under the spring sun, 100+ international couples and their families gathered in Tel Aviv for an extraordinary community potluck picnic.

We were spoiled by the around-the-world food our community brought us – like tinginys, tamales, potato salad, molletes, dumplings, shepherd’s pie, Russian salad, lamingtons, apple cake, fried noodles, and many more! Our taste buds embarked on a global culinary journey – what a fantastic way to celebrate our rich diversity through food!

Aside from enjoying delicious food, the AIC picnic (just like our other events) offers a special chance for international couples and families to forge new friendships, share our unique Israel experiences, and make Israel feel more like home for all of us. We were thrilled to meet new couples, growing families with little babies and even a few furry friends who joined the fun! Find yourself in full photo gallery is below!

Once again, thank you to AIC’s events team for all their hard work and dedication. Utilizing donations from the community and volunteers’ support, AIC was able to provide free drinks, supplies, and full equipment for an amazing event. To allow us to continue hosting events and fostering bonds within our community, please donate to AIC today!

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