The AIC International Picnic Was Incredible [Gallery]!

On Saturday 11th March, on a bright sunny spring day, AIC hosted its second official event!

More than 150 people, international couples, international families and quite a few international dogs :), gathered at Park HaYarkon for a one-of-its-kind, community potluck picnic.

Our participants from all over the world made their national dishes, and we got to enjoy different homemade foods from more than 25 different countries! Including the Polish Pierogi, Spanish Tortilla de Patatas, Filipino Pancit noodles, German potato salad, Lithuanian pink soup, Japanese Sushi, Brazilian Brigadeiro and Canadian maple syrup pecan cake, just to name a few.

Of course, the day would have not been complete without a special activity for international couples, a know-your-partner quiz game! Congratulations to Roberta and Amit for winning the game and our prize!

The event turned out to be a great opportunity for partners and families to meet new like-mind people, share their challenges (and victories), and for old friends to reunite. The event was part of our vision for a platform to facilitate the integration of foreign partners into Israel and the formation of networks, to collectively build a stronger voice for international couples together.

Thank you to all who came and especially to our volunteer event managers, Sonia Zwolska and Gonny Ngemba, and AIC chairwoman Adv. Lior Beres – for organizing the event.

All of us at AIC are volunteers that work for the welfare of community on an unpaid basis. If you enjoyed the event and want to see future events happening, or if you want to support our activity – helping international couples in Israel and advocating for our rights, please donate today!

Huge thanks to Fitussi Camera Services Inc. for donating equipment for the event!

See you at the next event!

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