AIC Meets Various Members of Knesset in Preparation for Parliamentary Activity in the 25th Knesset

In the last two weeks, representatives of The Israeli Association for International Couples have been meeting with various Israeli parliament members in order to jump-start parliamentary activity in this new Knesset.

In the meetings, we introduce new parliament members to our community, give data and information about the struggles that international couples face in Israel, and discuss possible parliamentary tools that will help us get results. We also made sure to meet with long-time allies of our community, to update them about recent trends and complications that the community faces, and bring up new ideas and ways to tackle the issues in the current political climate.

Check our our objectives document, made in preparation for the 25th Knesset!

Two weeks ago, AIC founder Adv. Lior Beres met with MK Matti Sarfatti Harcavi, new parliament member of Yesh Atid party. We explained the process and bureaucracy that international couples face in Israel, and our achievements in the 24th Knesset. MK Harcavi was very attentive, and brought up creative ways to bring those issues to public attention. We keep working in collaboration with her and her team on bringing our issues to a committee discussion.

Adv Lior Beres (Founder of AIC) and MK Matti Sarfatti Harcavi

In addition, we sat with long time partner of the organization, MK Evgeny Sova. We discussed strategies for practical work with PIBA and the new government and learned valuable information that will help us push our causes. We stay in direct contact with MK Sova and his team who are very knowledgeable about our issues and who help our organization establish important connections.

MK Evgeny Sova and Adv Lior Beres

Last week, Adv Lior Beres and social media manager of the org Dr. April Chan met with MK Gilad Kariv. MK Kariv is a long time ally of our organization and community, who have helped immensely in his previous parliamentary job as chairman of the Constitution Committee. We brought MK Gilad up to speed about the current struggles and the near future plans of our organization. MK Kariv suggested his help with various parliamentary tools and methods to bring our cause forward.

Dr. April Chan (Social media manager at AIC), Adv Lior Beres and MK Gilad Kariv

In addition, we introduced ourselves to new parliament member of the Likud party, MK Etti Attia, member of the Internal Affairs committee at the Knesset (the committee who is in charge of PIBA). We shortly spoke with MK Attia about our organization and community, and introduced some of the struggles. We hope to further establish our connection with various coalition members in the future.

This Sunday, we had a first meeting with MK Naor Shiri, a member of the internal affairs committee himself, of the Yesh Atid party. In the meeting with explained the main issues that the community of international couples in Israel is facing, and discussed strategies for how to tackle them. Mk Shiri expressed his allegiance to our community and effort, and we agreed to work together on bringing our issues to the Internal Affairs Knesset Committee.

MK Naor Shiri, Adv Lior Beres and Shimon Keselman (functionary at AIC)

Establishing good connections with lawmakers is a top priority for our organization, as a way to bring attention and solutions to the hardships our community have been facing for years. We will keep pursuing connections and do lobbying in favor of the rights of international couples in Israel. If you have any connection to parliament members or governmental officials that may benefit the organization, please contact us!

If you believe in the importance of our cause, and in the need for change for international couples in Israel, please support our activity with a donation!

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