Found a Love Bigger Than Life? Israeli TV Wants You!

We are currently working in collaboration with journalist Nesli Barda and her team, on brining the story of an international couple to her new documentary primetime TV show, “Love Bigger Than Life”. Check out this short snippet from one of their past episodes:

It’s the time of one special international couple to shine. We are looking for couples who have a special / dramatic / difficult story with a happy ending. It can definitely be related to a difficult gradual process at PIBA. Including all types of couples, in Israel or abroad (as long as one side is Israeli).

Interested in participating? Have a friend/family member who might fit the description? Please contact us!

Here’s the full message from the production team of the show:

For the Love Bigger Than Life show with Nesli Barda in Keshet 12 we are looking for bigger than life love stories.

Love Bigger Than Life is a new documentary program that brings the moving and unbelievable stories of couples who against all odds realized their love.

We are looking for stories of: love overseas in which one of the partners left everything behind and followed it, immigrants or refugees from different parts of the world who crossed paths, a couple who met in an Ulpan, fell in love at first sight and never met again and since then looked for each other until they found each other, all of these can to be the starting point of such a love story.

“Impossible” connections can be those in which the couple comes from opposite worlds that collide in values ​​(religion, race, nationality, gender, etc.), soul mates who were separated, couples who reunited after a long period of separation, forbidden loves, which were hidden from family members, rivals and even enemies who fall in love. It can be a physical distance, or a distance of years, the main thing is that the ending is happy and the love is fulfilled.”

Don’t feel like sharing your love story on TV? Our organization is also looking for beautiful love stories of international couples to share on our Instagram! Any story is welcome. Message us on Instagram PM for more details!

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