Welcome to Hell [ENG Subs] | הצגה – ברוכים הבאים לגיהינום

Welcome to Hell – Beit Lessin Theatre [English Subtitles]

A comedy fantasy

Avi Ben Haim, the hero of Rami Vered’s new comedy (“Abdallah Schwartz”), is at a low point in his life. In a desperate attempt to change his bad luck, he fills out a lottery card, wins 120 million shekels, jumps out of joy… and dies of a heart attack.

He lands in “pre-hell” and joins a line of colorful characters waiting for their final placement in the next world.

Avi is not ready to accept the judgment, sure that his death is a mistake, and tries to convince the devil to bring him back to life. But the devil has other plans for him, and he forces Avi to confront his past.

The brilliant new comedy from the playwright who wrote the big hit “Abdullah Schwartz”, is a funny satire on the convoluted ways in which we are required to take responsibility for our actions.

Duration of the show: approximately one hour and forty minutes, without intermission.

Important Information

  • The show is in Hebrew and is accompanied by English subtitles. You can comfortably see the subtitles from rows 11 and above (including the gallery level).
  • AIC’s community get a special discount for the shows!
  • Special price for AIC followers: 75 nis per ticket (instead of 220 nis)

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