The Revolution Orchestra – The Passion Of Monty Python

The Revolution Orchestra – The Passion Of Monty Python

The Passion Of Monty Python
A musical circus for an Orchestra, a Mountie Choir and a Dead Parrot starring Ben Perry

An evening unveiling the humor and madness of legendary Monty Python troupe.

What happens when you blend an orchestra, a choir, a Catholic mass, and British sketch comedy troupe Monty Python’s scenes & sketches from The Holy Grail, Life Of Brian and The Flying Circus TV show?

The Revolution Orchestra creates a musical circus with original music by Zohar Sharon and Video art by Oren Gabay. The show exposes The Pythons’ unique humor in a brand new stage production.

The performance is in English with Hebrew subtitles.

Duration of the show: 90 minutes

Important Information

  • Two available show times. Click here to view other show times.
  • The show is entirely in English (with Hebrew subtitles)
  • AIC community members get an exclusive discount for the shows (tier 1 and tier 2 seats)
  • Exclusive price for AIC: 180₪ per ticket (instead of 220₪)

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