The Dodger [ENG Subs] | הצגה – המשתמט

The Dodger – Beit Lessin Theatre [English Subtitles]

Photography: Shai Franco

What happens when a group of 40-year-old men, who have never worn a uniform, suddenly arrive to serve in a special military unit?

When the IDF enforces a recruitment operation for all those who previously “skipped” the mandatory military service, 3 men find themselves in late basic training: an actor in children’s plays, a bus driver, and the guy who’s in charge of the wardrobe department at Ikea.

“The Dodger” is a wild and funny journey into the soul of the Israeli man and about fatherhood and masculinity. A brilliant comedy suitable for army pilot graduates, retired quartermaster clerks, and their wives.

Duration of the show: approximately one hour and twenty minutes, without intermission.

Important Information

  • The show is in Hebrew and is accompanied by English subtitles. You can comfortably see the subtitles from rows 11 and above (including the gallery level).
  • AIC’s community gets a special discount for the shows!
  • Special price for AIC followers: 75 nis per ticket (instead of 220 nis)

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