Love Story [ENG Subs] | הצגה – סיפור אהבה

Love Story – Beit Lessin Theatre [English Subtitles]

Photography: Or Danon

Nothing stands in the way of love. Is that so? Justine and Katya are in love, just like in fairytales. And when Justine is debating whether to end their relationship to start a family for herself, Katya is ready to conceive for their great love. But a few days before the birth, Justine breaks down, breaks up with Katya and starts her own family. A few years later, Katya, who is raising their shared daughter, falls seriously ill. When she is looking for a foster carer for her young daughter, she is faced with two fateful choices: to seek help from her brother, William, a cynical and misanthropic writer, or to rediscover Justine, her long-time lover, who has lost contact with her since she started a “normal” family for herself.

The reunion between the two former lovers shakes the orderly and bourgeois world that Justine has built for herself.

Her acquaintance with Jean, the charming teenage daughter, whom she could have raised, turns her whole world upside down.

An immersive and exciting drama, with the scent of an elegant French perfume, about love, loyalty, family and gender.

Duration of the show: approximately one hour and thirty minutes, without intermission.

Important Information

  • The show is in Hebrew and is accompanied by English subtitles. You can comfortably see the subtitles from rows 11 and above (including the gallery level).
  • AIC’s community get a special discount for the shows!
  • Special price for AIC followers: 75 nis per ticket (instead of 220 nis)

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