Late Summer Blues [ENG Subs] | הצגה – בלוז לחופש הגדול

Late Summer Blues – Beit Lessin Theatre [English Subtitles]

A musical by Oren Yaacobi
Based on the film by Renen Shcorr and Doron Nesher

Photography: Michal Chelbin

A stage musical adaptation of the iconic and critically acclaimed Israeli film, widely regarded as one of the best of all time.

In the last summer before high school graduation and enlistment in the army, a group of teenage boys and girls prepare for their high school graduation party, grappling with decisions that will determine their futures: the War of Attrition with Egypt, first love, loyalty to friends, and how to commemorate a close friend who didn’t return from the army.

Between the Six-Day War and the Yom Kippur War, between childhood and adulthood, this uniquely Israeli summer becomes pivotal in the protagonists’ lives and will forever change them.

Following the enormous successes of “Zero Motivation” and “Through the Wall”, a new, funny, and heartrending musical play inspired by the most quintessentially Israeli classic.

Important Information

  • The show is in Hebrew and is accompanied by English subtitles. You can comfortably see the subtitles from rows 11 and above (including the gallery level).
  • AIC’s community get a special discount for the shows!
  • Special price for AIC followers: 139 nis per ticket (instead of 320-350 nis)

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