Apply and Issue an Israeli Registry Extract or “Tamtzit Rishum”

An Israeli registry extract (“תמצית רישום”) is a document, issued by PIBA (the Population and Immigration Authority), in which they state all of the registered data about Israeli citizens or residents.

The Tamtzit Rishum is usually necessary when an Israeli is asking to be married abroad, in order to prove that they are single. It is important to note that Israel doesn’t explicitly issue a “single status certificate” nor a “certificate of non-impediment” (“nulla osta”) which is required by many EU countries in order to marry. However, some countries such as Cyprus, South Africa, and Sweden, among others, accept the Israeli Tamtzit Rishum as proof of single status.

Issuing a Tamtzit Rishum is a free-of-charge service.

Who can apply for a Registry Extract?

The service of issuing a Registry Extract or “Tamtzit Rishum” is provided to residents and citizens of Israel staying in Israel. Citizens staying abroad and interested in the service, should contact the Israeli embassies in the country where they are staying.

How to apply for Tamtzit Rishum?

The are three ways to apply and get a Tamtzit Rishum (other than for special cases as listed below that require in-person presence).

Apply online

A Population Registry Extract for Israelis can be issued at no cost by filing an online request. After the request is submitted, the certificate is mailed to the address registered on the person’s identity card. It takes about two weeks for the certificate to arrive by mail.

In the online form, you will be able to pick additional information that can appear in the Registry Extract such as names of parents, city of birth, names of children and/or spouse, previous names, previous addresses, etc.

Self Service Kiosks

Another way to issue the Registry Extract is via one of PIBA’s self-service kiosks or one of the government services kiosks around Israel. This service is only available to Israeli citizens/residents who have a biometric ID. For verification purposes, the applicant must have their personal PIN or a personal credit card when applying at the kiosk.

Apply In Person at PIBA Office

You can apply for a Tamzit Rishum in person at PIBA offices. For that, you can just walk in during the opening hours of the Mirsham department and queue up by taking a number. Application for Tamtzit Rishum does not require a scheduled appointment. You must have your Israeli ID with you. Driver’s License is not enough!

You should print and fill up Form MR2 which you will have to submit to the clerk. It is likely you can also find the form there and fill it on the spot.

The application form for the registration summary must be filled out online and sent.

When submitting an application in person at the office, the Registry Extract will be printed and delivered on the spot.

When applying in person, it is important to indicate in the application form the reason for the application and whether it is necessary that the extract will include certain information, such as previous addresses or family members.

Application by third parties

If you are applying for other family members or non-family members, a power of attorney approved by a lawyer or a court ruling must be attached and the request must be submitted in person only.

An application for a registry extract for a deceased person who is a first-degree relative or who has an interest in the matter, the request must be submitted in person only.

In a request for an extended registration summary for a deceased person, a court order must be attached and the request must be submitted in person only.

The information on this page is based on the official information page by PIBA. Make sure to check the most updated information there.

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