5 Ways To Teach Your Partner Hebrew (& Why You Should)

Want to teach your partner Hebrew but don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Knowing these top 5 ways to teach your partner Hebrew can go a long way.

Helping your partner to learn Hebrew at home is a fantastic supplement to formal teaching. Attending an ulpan or getting a private tutor will quickly get them up to speed with the language, but your role is vital.

You can make sure they are following the classes, practicing what they learn, and are up-to-date with the current slang.

But first, why is it important to teach them Hebrew?

Why Bother With Hebrew?

Some people claim that foreigners don’t necessarily need to learn Hebrew to get by in Israel.

This is true to some extent.

But, learning the local language helps a great deal.

How so? We’ve broken it down into 4 main reasons.

  • Work – more job interviews, as well as work and study opportunities, will be available once your partner knows Hebrew.
  • Integration – it’s so much easier to make Israeli friends by joining in activities that are in Hebrew.
  • Understanding – knowing Hebrew helps to understand what’s going on, from political discussions to finding items in the supermarket.
  • Improve Relationship – teaching your partner Hebrew can bring you closer together and improve your communication. It’s also a fun activity where you can spend quality time together.

So let’s take a look at the top 5 ways to teach your partner Hebrew.

Start Simple

Begin with the aleph-bet, and a few keywords and phrases that they’ll be able to use over and over again.

You might choose phrases such as good morning, good evening, how are you? and what’s your name?

Once your partner has those phrases down, add in some common words they’ll hear such as balagan and sababa.

Teach them how to say the words first, and then to read and write them. Learning to read, write and speak at the same time might sound like a nightmare, but it helps in the long run.

Use Online Resources

You might be excited about teaching your partner Hebrew, or you might be daunted by the task at hand.

Either way, you don’t have to do everything yourself.

There are tons of online resources just waiting to be used. There are exercises, charts, texts, and much more that are great study materials.

With that in mind, let’s look at some more great tips for teaching Hebrew.

Teach Songs In Hebrew

Learning a new language is a lot like learning a new song.

Memorizing the words to a song is much easier (and way more fun) than learning a list of verb endings.

This trick is also great for deepening your relationship. You can share your favorite songs with your partner while teaching them what they mean.

Make sure you start simple. Don’t pick your favorite rap song that has 1000 words per minute. Pick something slow and repetitive, and get them to sing it with you.

Watch TV In Hebrew

Watching Israeli TV together is another fantastic way to teach your partner Hebrew.

This is the same way that we learn our own language as children. We watch people and listen to what they’re saying, and somehow, we understand.

By watching TV in Hebrew, your partner will be able to get a sense of the language.

And with award-winning shows such as Fauda and Shtisel available on Nexflix in Hebrew with English subtitles, there’s definitely something for everyone.

Don’t despair if they don’t understand what’s going on at first. Take a moment to explain and soon enough they’ll manage to follow it.

Use Hebrew Together Every Day

As the saying goes, a little goes a long way. You can easily teach your partner Hebrew by doing a small amount of work every day.

The idea is to be consistent.

Reading, writing, and speaking are all important when learning any language.

Once they already have a basic understanding of Hebrew, one of the best ways to teach your partner Hebrew is to practice using it every day. Here are some handy tips:

  • Speak – speak in Hebrew with your partner for 10 minutes a day. As their Hebrew improves, talk for a little longer.
  • Listen – encourage your partner to read short texts/signs/social media posts in Hebrew and listen to them. Correct them where necessary.
  • Message – send a short and simple message to your partner. Encourage them to reply in Hebrew, too.

Final Thoughts

Teaching your partner Hebrew is essential to their integration into Israeli society. 

When someone doesn’t understand the language that’s being spoken around them, it can leave them feeling isolated, lonely, and confused.

But once they understand, it creates a sense of belonging and a sense of home. It will also increase their career opportunities and bring you closer together.

Just remember, learning a language doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. It’s normal for your partner to struggle, as Hebrew isn’t an easy language to learn.

That said, with formal teaching and the tips above, your partner will be speaking Hebrew (and driving you mad by correcting your grammar!)

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